domingo, 21 de julho de 2013

Numbers 1-10 מספרים

שלום! Shalom!

Today's post will be in English. I was learning the numbers in Hebrew and I noticed I was having a hard time on memorizing them. So I decided to make flashcards of the numbers from 1 to 10 in Hebrew. I didn't put the transliterations because I know them, but if you want/need, just ask me in the comments and I can put them up for you.

For now I'm only going to write them here so that you can study and then go there play with the cards:

1- אחת - achat
2- שתיים - shtayim
3- שלוש - shalosh
4- ארבע - arba
5 - חמש - chamesh
6- שש - shesh
7- שבע - sheva
8- שמונה - shmone
9- תשע - tesha
10- עשר - eser

The good thing in these flash cards is that you can study them a little bit first and the website has a few games that you can play with them! Like Scatter and Space Race. They are good because they train you to remember the numbers faster and faster ;)

You can try to beat my records! :D (let me just get a new mouse, I'm using the mouse pad on laptop Eek!)


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